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Welcome to Greytown Drug Store

The Greytown Drug store was established in 1893 when pharmacies were referred to as ‘drug stores’ and has maintained the name ever since. The Drug Store has remained in the hands of a select few pharmacists who have made the Drug Store their lives work. There have only been five owners in Hesse Alanson, Cyril Ware, Peter Mason 1972-1998, Bryan Paul ( who although began working at the Drug Store in 1972 was owner from 1998-2017) and the current owner Audre’ Dutton who started working at the Drug Store in 2010.

Audré took over as the first woman owner in 2017. The reason for the stability in ownership could be accredited to the fact that for over 100 years the Greytown Drug Store has been a community based company. Many Greytonians were brought up in the pharmacy, taking their children back for the same care they received. Despite the Drug Store being steeped in tradition and history, it has adapted and today is a modern pharmacy serving the community. As a member of Alpha Pharm (the largest group of independent pharmacies in Kwa Zulu Natal), it enjoys the benefits of group buying power making its prices some of the best in Kwa Zulu Natal.

It has its own loyalty cards, a large gift section, photographic section, a large vitamins and primary health care section and a coffee kiosk where customers can sit, relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee. In addition, the Drug Store has a large clinic that is passionate about serving our community. The Alpha Clin clinic in the Greytown Drug Store offers basic health care, wound care, family planning, a baby clinic, and immunization. In addition to the fully qualified sisters with years of experience, the clinic also rents out a full range of medical equipment.

Customers can rent any medical equipment from nebulisers, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. The clinic’s good service together with the the Drug Store’s offering, draws people from all over the district. Today, the Greytown Drug Store serves not only the people of Greytown but services people from all over Umvoti and the Umzinyathi district, making the move to an online shop a very natural one. The Greytown Drug Store will now be able to serve a wide range of people through the online shop.

Our Head Pharmacist

Our Responsible Pharmacist, Audré has been part of the Greytown Drug Store family since 2010. First as a pharmacist and then director. Audré has worked for corporate pharmacies like Clicks but is very passionate about small community.

Her heart is to grow the Greytown Drug Store so that everyone can always find what they are looking for when they come to shop here. We aim to serve generations at the Greytown Drug Store and that means making our customers healthy and happy.

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